Business is about words

Soon she is moving swiftly, from one choice piece of soap to another bottle of exquisite scents. She is approached by a young man. Whatever the business, regardless of the magnificence of its shape, size, and reach; regardless of its originality, brilliance, and design; deny it the power of words, and like a magnificent ocean liner striking a reef, it will sink like a rock. The magic is lost or go to www. Business is about words. Why the good fortune of this merchant? Business, it is simple. Business, it is complex. Yet without words, no perception is created. His face is bright, enthusiastic, and well-scrubbed.
The cash register remains untouched and the proceeds for the day the same. A product is manufactured. Heed your words, your spoken words, your written words. Everything now has a certain magic, a mysterious appeal, an allure that cannot be denied. His hair is clean and fragrant, his nails trimmed, his suit pressed, and his shoes polished. Something else is necessary, the right words; and behind the words, a service philosophy, a genuine desire to be of after a few flustered words, a few patent excuses, and the woman leaves. The stirring value of its content is not appreciated. Money is exchanged.
Business is about words. Eloquent words flow from his lips, words of courtesy, interest, and charm. There the pace is hectic, the display mauled over, and the salesman, despite careful grooming in the morning, now appears disheveled by too much work. The eager hand of the customer reaches for it. Whether your business is online or offline, whether it is retail, selling poker chips or plumbing, whether the words expressed are written or spoken, choose your words well, for everything else is framed only around them. It is the words you use. He shows her one product after another, describing the benefits and the magnetism of each in turn. The cash register rings yet again, the drawer is almost overflowing with ill-pressed bills, and the salesman barely has enough time to close it and catch his breath when she has been replaced by yet another eager customer.
A woman walks into a sweet-smelling shop, the product display is exquisite, the perfumes and oils and soaps bright and enticing. Without words, it is only so much dust.. Together they carry the boxes to the counter. Hour after hour this tragedy continues. Until words are added to it, then it takes on luster and power and comes into a life of its own. A service is created. The rest of the story, the quality, the display, and the structure around which the business is molded pale in comparison to the words used to describe the merchandise. A product is just another product. Seeing her approach, the salesman speaks.
A structure is built around them. Train your sales people with the right words and magic happens. Then he opens his mouth and uses words with the sophistication of a back-alley your customer is another, waiting eagerly in line to satisfy the perception that the words she overheard you speak aroused in her. Business is simple if you use the right words. It is the words you use. Words create reactions; people buy or refrain from buying because of them. She approaches with hesitation, and her impatience and resistance, too, are stronger.
The elaborate service model is not permitted full execution. The beautiful product image is not interpreted. She smiles for the first time that day, the pinched look on her face disappears, and the pursed lines around the mouth soften. The right words the expressive words, the words that lure, dazzle, entangle.sales-letter-secret. The merchant is happy, his face uplifted in a smile, a vision of prosperity glazing his eyes.
Another product that sits on the shelf, another enterprise that is unvisited, another service that is cosmetic jar Manufacturers not sought;But add words, the right words, and it is as if the dust is now fairy dust. It's not enough to throw a pitch, to make a broad appeal for interest, to say any foolish thing that comes to mind in a clumsy grope for rapport. A strategy is designed to deliver them to the public with the most appeal. What do words do? They lift up perception. The cash register rings. What tragedy befell this merchant? Meanwhile, she, still in need of cosmetics and toiletries visits another store in the mall. Even yesterday's outdated product is perceived with a nostalgic touch and considered a vintage find. It's complex if you use the wrong ones. She piles up her arms then asks him to assist her to carry more.